Poor Marble Workmanship

Some marble work is not done in a professional manner to begin with. Some tile setters are not even properly trained in natural stone installation.  If you have a situation where the marble floor or shower installation in your home or business is not to your expectation, you may consider removing it and replacing it.

A very common problem with natural stone tile installation is “lippage”  This simply means that some tiles do not meet flush with one another, and one is above another, possibly causing a tripping hazard.

If your new marble floor installation has excessive lippage, it is more economical to hire a professional stone restoration company to grind, hone and polish your marble floor if necessary.  This process involves the sanding the entire floor with diamond abrasives, starting with coarse grit and continuing with honing using finer grit and then final polishing.

When installing marble tile specially, polished marble additional time must be allowed for the final cleaning. One of the worst problems with a new marble installations is letting the grout dry too long on the tile.  Grout haze is a serious problem that must be avoided.

When installing marble tiles in showers and bathroom, ensure that all edges are bull-nosed and the corners rounded and polished.

Installing honed marble requires for the marble tiles to be pre-sealed before installation