What is Marble

Marble is a metamorphic rock, it started as limestone in a lake bed or riverbed being exposed to extreme heat and pressure as the limestone move deeper into the Earth, causing the minerals in the rock to recrystallize. Mined marble looks like a regular rock, large blocks are quarried and cut into slabs for countertops or processed as marble tiles for floors or walls.

Marble is a calcite, composed of mostly calcium and therefore very sensitive to acidic products or chemicals. These types of chemicals should not be used in cleaning marble surfaces or near marble. Marble is a versatile and durable natural stone with a vast array of colors and texture to choose from. Marble tiles can be cut to any sized and thickness and finished in matte, honed, semi honed or polished finish. This versatility, make marble a preferred decorating surface for any part of the house or commercial property. With all this elegance and prestige, there are certain cautions that need to be kept in mind when selecting and installing marble.

Marble Care Maintenance

The polish marble on marble will stay on forever if it is not exposed to wrong cleaning products and abrasion. Marble is a soft rock and prone to scratching, normally, high traffic areas such as kitchen, hallways, and main entry show traffic wear. Caution must be taken when moving furniture or any type of object on a marble surface, proper use of floor mats on marble floors is a must to avoid traffic wear. Floor mats should be part of your marble floor care program. Marble is porous and can stain very easily. Ensure that your marble surfaces are properly sealed.

If your marble has been exposed to any acidic products or has lost its original beauty and luster, feel confident in calling Specialized Floor Care Services Co. for an in house evaluation. We use time-proven methods, along with trade specific marble cleaning products and state of the art equipment to safely clean, seal, polish or repair your marble floor, marble countertop or marble shower

How is Marble Polished

When your marble floor or marble countertop is starting to show wear and regular marble cleaning methods fail, it may be time to call a professional natural stone restoration company.

In order to remove the dull and scratches from a marble floor, the marble floor has to be sanded with diamond abrasives. The process and steps used to polish marble floors depend on the condition of the marble floor:

  • The floor is dull with deep scratches and excessive lippage – when a marble floor is in this condition, the floor has to be ground using metal diamond abrasives, follow honing and final polishing.
  • The floor is dull with some scratches – low grit honing, finer honing and final polishing
  • The floor is dull with very little scratches – honing and final polish

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