Marble Chip Repair – Marble is very soft and can be fragile.  Caution must be taken when moving larger marble pieces such as statues or furniture.  heavy objects on floor and countertops should have felt protecting pads on the bottom.  Moving these objects can scratch the marble surface.

Fortunately, most of the marble damage can be repaired by a professional natural stone restoration company.  There are several methods and products used to make quick and most times permanent repairs to broken marble pieces or deep scratches on marble.

A knife grade epoxy mixed with matching colorant is used to repair broken marble pieces such as tabletops, statues, fireplace, and other marble accent pieces.

The example on the left is a repair of a marble vanity top that was broken during delivery.  We used a stone epoxy mixed with colorant to match the general vanity top color.

The broken pieces were glued together to the vanity top.  The epoxy residue was sanded smooth and polished with stone sandpaper followed with final polishing.

Deep scratches on marble can be repaired by mixing a flowing stone epoxy with colorant if needed.  This type of epoxy comes in liquid form and takes longer to set and cure.  Light scratches can be sanded using diamond abrasives or stone sanding paper and polish to suit.

Floors that are heavily scratched with foot traffic, should be restored using special polishing machines equipped with diamond polishing disks.  This process is more involved and requires expertise.